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We are your child’s safe and happy place!

With a community encompassing 50,000 + happy parents and happier children, we nurture lifelong learners and confident young adults. Step into a centre closest to you and prepare your child for tomorrow’s world!

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KLAY Centres
for Child Development and Care
in Gurgaon

Why Choose KLAY?

Develop a warm, caring
relationship with children

Show them that you care deeply about them. Express joy in who they are.


Create routines and rituals for special times during the day like mealtime, nap time, and bedtime.

Encourage safe
exploration and play

Give children opportunities to move around, explore and play.

Use discipline
to teach

Talk to children about what they seem to be feeling and teach them words to describe those feelings.


Nanny at Home

We know you are bogged down with the multiple roles you are juggling. Let our highly trained caregivers support you with your little one’s childcare needs. Choose a time slot to suit your need, whether its a daily meeting or some precious 'me time'. We are your backup. Presenting Nanny@Home, your in-person childcare support that comes right at your doorstep.


Parent Resources

Educators across the world have long emphasized the importance of parental involvement in their children's education. Many studies have demonstrated that schools and parents working hand in hand show positive effects and boost their children's learning and development. As We Grow is KLAY's initiative to support the beautiful journey of nurturing the little minds.

In Centre

In Centre Programs

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing quality education and unparalleled care to children between the ages of 6 months and 10 years. With comprehensive safety measures and protocols in place and an expertly crafted curriculum we encourage children to explore, create and imagine, strengthening their foundations and preparing them for tomorrow’s world.