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Why Employer Sponsored Childcare

Return to work

KLAY is focused on equipping working parents in India with quality daycare to allow them to return to their workplaces. Help them juggle work and home and ace at it with our services. We believe in gifting every child a nurturing environment and being the trusted partner for parenting.

Happy Employees

When employees are confident that their children are in good hands, they can focus more on their work and be more productive. Boost up the morale of your workforce by letting them know that the company values employees as individuals and not just as workers. We are the second home for your little ones.

Women as Leaders

Women often leave their jobs to take care of their children, particularly during early childhood. Be the leader in your industry by providing a second home for their children. By retaining female employees you open up a window of opportunities for them whether it is promotions or taking up leadership roles.

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Why Choose KLAY As Your Partner

  • Infrastructure


    We create for your children a ‘home away from home’, a place where they feel loved and happy. With world class infrastructure and child friendly toys and equipment, we are your little one’s second home!

  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    At KLAY, we take the safety of our children, teachers and staff very seriously and all our operations are aligned to ensure KLAY is always a safe and happy place for all.

  • Foundational Development Program

    Foundational Development Program

    KLAY follows a unique pedagogy that encompasses the elements of National Education Policy (NEP). We encourage children to explore the world around in the play way method.

  • Trusted by Corporates

    Trusted by Corporates

    KLAY has gained the trust of over 420 corporates for their world-class childcare facilities and professional nanny services. Experience peace of mind and focus on work, knowing that your child is in good hands.

  • Pan-India Presence

    Pan-India Presence

    KLAY has a strong presence across India, with centers located in major cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, among others. Experience the convenience of world-class childcare services wherever you go.

Our Solutions

Enhancing Employee Well-Being: On-Site KLAY Childcare Centres for Corporates

More and more corporates are discovering the secret to happier, more productive employees: on-site childcare centres. These centres offer speedy implementation, quality control, and transparent pricing. Employees appreciate the convenience and exclusive access. With the flexibility to adjust capacity, on-site childcare centres are a game-changer for supporting your workforce and bottom line. Discover the benefits today for a happier, more productive team. 

Work-Life Balance: A Near-Site KLAY Childcare Centre Can Help Your Business Thrive

Shared world-class childcare centres are gaining popularity in tech parks and office spaces. These facilities feature top-notch amenities, such as play areas, learning programs, and skilled staff, ensuring children receive excellent care. The proximity of childcare fosters a more productive and family-friendly work atmosphere, giving employees peace of mind. KLAY’s child development and care centres not only offers full and half daycare programs but also creates a nurturing learning environment for children. 

Supporting Working Parents: KLAY’s Customizable Subsidized Childcare Solutions for Corporations

Offering subsidized childcare through KLAY is a win-win for both employees and corporates. It streamlines work-life balance and helps companies retain their most valuable asset—talented employees. With customizable options and a nationwide reach, it’s a solution employees love and corporates trust. 

KLAY’s Nanny at Home Services: Professional and Flexible Childcare Solution at Home

In addition to on-site childcare, KLAY offers at-home nanny services for corporates too. These highly trained caregivers, with over 12 years of experience and expertise in caring for over 60,000 children, are well-equipped to handle various situations. From putting infants to sleep to feeding, bathing, and engaging them in age-appropriate activities, they provide comprehensive care. With flexible scheduling, corporates can provide employees with peace of mind, knowing their children are in capable hands.  

Happy Parents

Happy Parents Speak

The best thing about KLAY is that they focus on holistic development which is essential for a child’s overall growth.

Rohan Chowdhry KLAY Powai, Mumbai

Happy Parents

Happy Parents Speak

I highly recommend KLAY for the individual attention given to the child and the feeling of home away from home.

Raghu KLAY E- City, Bangalore